Urge V Willpower

I’ve been wanting to cut back/eliminate wine forever it seems. I have not had a drink since I allotted myself 1 wine Friday night. I’m trying to figure out if I’m truly sitting with the urge or using willpower . I briefly thought I wanted wine Sat and Sunday but was ok not drinking because we were home relaxing. Yesterday on the way home from work I got an urge because I’m like the dog and 4:30 is the bell. Got home, thought about it again, “played the movie to the end” which is disappointment in myself, not being able to listen to a podcast with a clear head and possibly feeling like crap in the morning.

Bad day at work (see previous question about quitting employee). Urge again at 4:30 but this time it was directly in correlation with feeling badly about what happened today. Almost gave in but really sat with it and played the movie again and realized I’d still feel badly about work anyway.

I feel great now but is this really allowing the urge?