Working through a breakup with the owner of the company

VERY sad, awkward and challenging
After2.5 years of relationship and finally selling the business to be able to be public, he breaks up with me via text after an exchange where, again, I had to set boundaries and hold accountability.

This seems insane after everything I have poured into him and this entire project. My issue for coaching here is how do I havigate this intelligently, professionally and sharply when he is avoiding contact at all cost, not giving me the information needed to run the business. Employees are intimidated (and bullied) by him and won’t say anything but they are telling me how awkward it is to be in a situation where he is giving them instruction to break my chain of command.
Idk what the issue is but he won’t come to the table or talk on the phone. The emails he sometimes answers and many times does not. I am amiss here. Please help me work this through.
Thank you.