Working with Jose

I’m having trouble working a model out for myself and I would like some help, please.
C: The siding on my house is unfinished
T: I don’t like working with Jose
F: Annoyed, frustrated, fear, not in control, lack of power
A: I’m not paying him his last $2,000
R: Jose’s not paid and my house isn’t finished

Not in control and lack of power – I can’t decide if those are thoughts or feelings or both. Can they be both? My end goal with this model is to find a solution to get the siding on my house completed to my standards, get Jose paid in full, and end the working relationship because it’s bringing too much anxiety and stress. I’m thinking in order to achieve this, I need to pick a different thought, would you agree? How can I look at this in a more positive light? A learning experience? Please help.