Working with my husband

Hi Brooke
I work with my husband in our business and I’m a part-time ballet teacher 3 nights/days a week. In the business I am responsible for the accounts/billing at the moment. He is General Manager of Everything. We’ve had the business for 9 years and over this period my role has pretty much stayed the same until last month. A few extra tasks have been given to a staff member which makes sense as it is in alignment with his role. This leaves me with very little to do. Over the years I’ve suggested I take on more responsibility and free him up to do what he does best – sell. He keeps saying I should take over a lot of the day to day office management but every time I delve in he takes over and tells us all how it should be done, or I get “you don’t want to deal with that, its not nice. Or I didn’t want to bother you with that.”

I’d all but given up when out of the blue on Monday he said – I think you should take over everything and I’ll just sell. We’ll meet and discuss this asap, he said. I am unsure if this is what I want.

I feel like I’m spread thinly, not sure if I’m doing either job 100%, guilty and resentful when I’m working at ballet, bored when I’m at work and wasting my days and then running and rushing the house and kids (we have a 16year old and 12year old) efficiently.

Do I give up ballet – it takes a lot of my time and energy even though I’m only there officially for 7 hours a week and my body is starting to get injured
Do I go full time at work and commit to giving 100% – the thought I have is this is not my dream, it’s my husbands

I’m 48 and feel time is slipping away

I’ve always been a decisive go and get it done person – until we got the business. I’ve also now stalled on my weight loss, I lost 10kgs (20lbs) last year and have stayed within 1kg since (there is another 10kgs to go). I feel sad and pissed off.

My mind is jumping all over the place, help.