Hi Brooke,

I have a question about my workload in my work. There is a constant stream of work that needs to be done. I give 110% always in my job. I don’t take breaks, I eat lunch ‘on the go’ and sometimes it just feels like I am firefighting for 8.5/9 hours straight. I feel like I am giving my all, I am exhausted at the end of my day. However there is always work left at the end of the day. This bothers me, even though I know that that is normal and is just what happens as there is too much to do for the number of staff my company employs. I get good feedback. However I think I am just a perfectionist. Also other people get stressed and I think I pick up on that. I have done thought downloads and models about this, but even when I change my unintentional thought to intentional ones e.g.:

I work so extremely hard, I am an amazing employee. I am so proud of myself today. When other people get stressed, that is about them, I don’t need to let them effect me, I am an emotional adult, I take my control and authority back over my life and feelings. I know I have done a good job today. There will be things left to do, that is what is supposed to happen.

I have a thought in the back of my mind, but there is still work left, which is a fact and that bothers me. Is this the perfectionist in me talking, do I just need to practice the intentional thoughts over and over? Is it because my mind is used to looking for evidence to prove that ‘I am not good enough’ thought that I seem to have a lot? Is it because I have a habit of worrying what other people think, and when they get stressed, I make it about me, that I haven’t done a good enough job? What is your advice? Thank you so much Brooke x