Worries about going from a corporate job to a startup

Having trouble finishing a model for this situation: I’m in the interview process for a new job at a very small company (less than 150 ppl). My current job is with a very large corporation, and been there for over 20 years, so this is new to me. If I take this position, I will be the first and only person in the company with my title and responsible for everything in that dept from the ground up. Seems like a lot of pressure.

C – I am a job candidate for a newly-created position where if hired, I’d be the only one in the company with my title.
T – If I get this new job, I might have to give up some autonomy and flexibility that I have in my current job.
F – worried
A – ? [I have always had autonomy and flexibility in my work, haven’t interviewed for a job in forever, so I don’t have a reference point of how I usually act when job interviewing. When I’m worried about other things, I usually write, think, talk to friends about it, and do research online.]
R – ? [The result I am after, is to make a confident decision that aligns with the values I want to maintain. The result when I act as above out of worry, is that I feel calmer because I am better informed, but still have to wait and see what happens.]