I worry a lot – specifically about my boyfriend’s health issues. When I think of what could happen to him (he probably has to undergo surgeries for a physical ailment and is frequently tired/ feel unwell) I start to cry, think lots of scary thoughts of what could happens (he’ll never get better, what if he dies, etc.). I know this stems out of my love for him, but I feel like it 1. stops me from truly enjoying being with him 2. is a lot of negative emotion that doesn’t serve me…I know intellectually that worrying does not give me any control over the situation, but how do I get myself to let things be?

Another thing is I want to vent to him about how worried I am, but I don’t want to put him in a situation where he feels responsible for making being upset — I think this is generally how he feels when I’ve done this in the past. At the same time, when I don’t vent to him, I bottle up my emotions and get quiet and distant. I want to be strong for him but don’t feel I am there yet. What are your thoughts about this situation?