Worth & Money

I have been conflating my worth and value from money for a couple years now.

What has come up recently is debt and new debts. The old ones being 10 years old, some more some less, that I just never could pay.

A. I don’t want to explain myself.  I think that is indicative of feeling like I want someone to understand and that is not how I want to live etc.  I tried to pay them, but I never made enough even working 3 jobs or 14 hour days or 87 hour weeks.

B. Now I am starting to believe in myself and that I will make money, and have been working on that belief.

I just used to feel bad about making new debts or having debt.  I don’t want to base my character on it.  It’s what I’ve had to do to have basic things.

Basically, I am looking for ways to not think negatively, like society typically does, about myself.