I finally get it, I am 100% worthy no matter what. Nothing we can do or nothing anyone else says can change that. I am starting to believe this more and more every day. We are born worthy and will be until the day we die. In the work this month I have written the story of my past, someone that doesn’t believe she is worthy (future story will be very different ;).

What I want to explore is this, where along the way did I start believe that I wasn’t 100% worthy? I grew up in a very supportive, encouraging, loving family that praised me for my achievements and somewhere along the line I started to believe that the more I did and the more I achieved the more worthy I became. I know this is not true, it can’t be. But, why and how did I engrain this so deeply in my beliefs?? I know it can’t just be the human brain seeking approval and acceptance because if that were the case, we would all be walking around seeking a pat on our back to define our worth. Would love your thoughts and insight on this. Thank you! xo