would love to talk to her again – revisited

thank you for your response to my previous question about my relationship with my daughter (she doesn’t respond or communicate, nor has she for a couple years). I appreciate the suggestion to just love her unconditionally. And I do. But I’m so sad about not having contact with her. And I miss her. She has children (my grandchildren) and I’m missing contact with them too. Loving her and them doesn’t take away missing them. I mean – what do I do with that? Just accept that it’s part of the 50/50 with emotions we feel in life and resign myself to the sadness. Refocus? I can – but of course thoughts of them still enter my mind.
C: I have a daughter who hasn’t contacted me in over 2 years
T: I miss her very much.
F: Sad
A: I text her from time to time. I call and get voice mail. I think about it a lot. I ruminate about what the grandkids might be doing. I feel left out. I try to focus on other aspects of my life but this always feels like a gaping hole.
R: I continue to miss her being in my life.

Thank you. I’m really trying to wrap my head around this and find strength or a new neural-pathway without feeling like I’m giving up.