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Blown away by the Bonus Box and Monthly Materials delivery. Nice touch of real-ness in a digital world. Just lovely.

Thought Download

When a particular challenge arises and you do a ‘thought download’ is the idea to do a model on each thought (say you brainstorm 25+ thoughts in a download) AND generate a new thought/feeling for each thought?

Grandmother With Dementia

This week I’m visiting my Grandmother in a retirement community in Florida. Relationships is very timely. Although she’s not one of my #4, I’d like to do models on her. She’s difficult, fussy and mean and I dread my visits. Now with dementia she’s x 1000. She doesn’t let me drive the car; she hides the golf cart key so I can’t leave the house; says mean things about my appearance etc. As a result I become difficult, fussy and mean and being here becomes a nightmare. I’d like to change my though from ‘she’s a nightmare’ to ‘she is who she is and that’s ok’ but I still keep losing it! I love how you suggest incremental thought changes via the podcast (this is my first month in scholars) e.g. I hate my body => I have a body. This is what I tried to do. It feels positive in my body until she starts ranting about my father being an alcoholic (he is not) and I just get so angry. To train my brain to believe the new thought shall I use it as a mantra; or is there a different way to approach creating a new thought so it sustains the desired feeling and changes my reactivity?

Unintentional thought:
T: She’s a rude, mean bitch
F: Frustrated and angry
A: Behave like a child
R: She feels justified in trying to control what I do / don’t do

Intentional thought:
T: She is who she is, and that’s ok
F: Calm, compassionate
A: Patient & allowing of her expressions
R: Take it all in my stride

You are RIGHT. Listening to the podcast and intellectualising it is EASY; applying it phew! Way more challenging.

Thank you 😉