Writing and my sentence

Hello Brooke!!!

I hope you are having an amazing day!

I wanted to tell you that you were amazing during the call just now. Thank you =)

My sentence: I’m a multi-millionaire….Should I include my amount?

I’m a writer who is working on her first novel. I say I’m about half way done with my first draft (which is rather exciting) but I’m not dedicating as much time as I would like to writing. I was suppose to be done with my first draft last December (one of my previous goals) but I recently I use distractions/buffering (shopping, eating, cooking, organizing) to avoid writing. I realized after you negative thoughts podcast that one of my limiting thoughts was “I don’t like work” which isn’t true since I love creatingI just like working from home. I changed my thought to “I love being a writer who sits down to work on my novel and blog posts”. Do you have any suggestions on how to stop sabotaging myself?

I also wanted to share that I loved your blame podcast, it was very insightful. The fact that I’m not responsible for other people’s happiness blew my mind. I am still trying to actually integrate it into my being rather than just understanding it intellectually which is what I’m doing but once I get it in there my world will be so different.

Thank you so very much again.

Keep on glowing!!!!