Yay..the model works

Hi Brooke,
I just wanted to say thank you! Beacause of what I have learned in scholars I was able to enjoy this afternoon instead of feeling nervous or sitting things out. My hubbie and I like to fly gliders and had the afternoon set aside to play. He flew first while I rode along, and the windy, gusty conditions made for some interesting flights. As he flew I began feeling more and more nervous about my turn. In the past, under similar circumstances, I would have either gutted it out or skipped it altogether. But as I was getting ready to fly, I remembered that the nervousness was being caused by a thought. I didn’t have time then to dig around for that thought…so I decided how I wanted to feel (calm/confident) and focused on a thought that got me there (you know how to do this and you’ve done it before in worse conditions). I went on to have 3 really great flights— not only did I fly well, I was able to enjoy it. It might seem like a small thing, but to me that was huge. I am so glad you started SCS and I am so glad I found you,