Hi Brooke, I started in January, mainly to stop overdrinking. In the beginning I was falling around a lot! But, I stuck to scholars, did my homework and am glad to say I have been alcohol free now for 1 month. I sleep so good, wake up early and feel refreshed. I am so glad, I can not even tell you how much. I find my urges have disappeared and if, somehow, they do stick out their heads I allow them, start busying myself with something else and they just stop. I have moved onto overeating now, although the two goes hand in hand, I did realise, for me, I wont loose my weight if I carry on drinking. My weight is steadily dropping (have lost 5kg so far, 15 to go still) and I have had no sugar for 3 months. The last urge that I am dealing with is carbs, as I love them, but, as with overdrinking, they are also disappearing rapidly. I never overeat anymore. I also am on a full vegetarian plan (as I used to be one for 15 years before I somehow lost myself) and started yoga again. Feels as if I am coming full circel to be my true self again. Not to even mention all the other mind blowing stuff I am learning in scholars. I hope others read this and stay motivated and with your program. Thank you so very much.
Yvette 🇿🇦Xxx