You Are Enough Vs There Is A Better Way

As I was listening to some of the questions on time management on the call today, I felt sort of encouraged and empowered and discouraged at the same time. I do pretty well at time management but Brooke’s way of doing it is new to me and is going to take time to learn and incorporate. On one hand the coach was telling people “you are enough just as you are and when you reach your goal you won’t be any better.” (Better meaning more worthy.) Then on the other hand, she said things like “don’t even write down the little to-dos that come into your mind during the day”. Set one time to do that each day and then don’t get distracted by all those thoughts coming into you mind. (Just one example.) I want to improve and I love these new ideas, I sometimes just wish it felt more acceptable to take time to learn. I know it is ok to take as much time as I need, I just get tired sometimes of trying so hard on so many things at once. I’m working on food protocol/weight loss, time management and my business just to name a few. I’m pushing hard and learning new skills. What’s a good thought to generate patience with myself?