Your perspective on male / female energy principles in dating?


Years ago when I was in therapy leading up to my divorce and for a period of time afterwards, the therapist I saw encouraged me to read a few books regarding male / female energy principles (e.g., those written by John Gray, Pat Allen). I’m jumping into dating again and started consuming some of your love related content and found podcast #165: How to Be a Good Mate to be super thought proving. I’m curious, do male / female energy principles have a role at all in your perspective on how to be a good mate while dating? For instance, one big principle is that the male energy (which ever partner chooses that role) pursues and the partner who chooses female energy should not initiate contact and, instead, wait for the male energy partner. Am I inadvertently creating a manual? Or if I chose to be a female energy partner do I work on being open for when a potential male energy partner does initiate contact? Or do I just not care at all and show up exactly how I want to show up and, if they don’t chose me, then move on to the next potential partner?