Your Thoughts About You Work

I am doing the SCS Workbook Your Thoughts About You. I initially found myself stuck answering questions on Day 1 and Day 2. I am not sure if it is because it was hard to bring up some of the things I REALLY do think deep down or if I don’t want to actually write down ways I do feel good about myself, my body, etc because this is new to me to have positive thoughts overriding my negative ones. So it took a few days of thinking to actually answer the first 3. Is it normal to struggle when answering questions like these? I also just completed the Believing New Things last month so it almost felt like answering these questions stirred up thoughts I worked to turn around last month so I felt “weird” having positive thoughts and almost felt like I forced myself to write down the flaws I find in myself even if those are beliefs I am working to change.

Now I am on the question, “On a scale of 1-10, I believe I am a _ bc I think I’m _.” What goes here? We pick a number based on a thought from our “WHO AM I” responses? I am finding myself unsure of how to answer so I am not doing the work which is obviously not helpful!