2 people membership

I was all excited about putting together a membership for accountability. Bringing women together to feel supported, work on their mindset and be part of a group of like-minded women. I launched to a waitlist, had so much fun putting together content for it and finally was enjoying a launch. 10 women signed up and now only 2 have paid. There’s a discount that expires in January. It opens on January 2nd and I can’t seem to get myself out of a mindset spiral. I’ll refocus, get excited again and go on stories or make content (e-mails, IG reels/posts) and then really hope for a sign-up but nada. One minute I’m thinking “I can just serve the crap out of these two people” and the next it’s “what is the point of this, how embarrassing, what am I doing wrong in the marketing, maybe I should cancel it” and not sure what exactly to do. Should I let the women know I’m extending the launch so we’ll start a bit later in January or Feb? It’s not a closed membership so people will be able to join in January for a higher price.

I can see 3 people on the waitlist opening the e-mails so they’re likely on the fence and I’m not sure what exactly they need to hear to make it a hell yes. If I had 4 women in I’d be like okay, let’s do this. Every membership starts somewhere. And I want to take action from that place but the voice “but it could not happen” is seeping into the point that it’s affecting my energy.

I think I already know the answer here is to redirect my brain back to a focus that allows for inspired action/to keep showing up as if they were definitely going to pay and commit but could use some perspective I think!!!