20 k a month

I am a certified health and lifestyle coach (body image coach) I am a newbie in the industry.
Graduate from HCI mastery program.

My question is how can I become a coach who for starters makes 20 k a month impossible goal 2020?
I am leaving my current job Feb 28th 2020
My plan is to saturate myself in my coaching/fitness business.

I just finished listening to your recent podcast.  On 2.0 and Brooke mentioned how devoted she is into helping her coaches reach 100,000 and 1 million I want to be one of those coaches how can I do that??
When I apply all that is offered in scholars ect.  I’ve been contemplating after I retire from my job in February to join scholars coaching even though I’m already certified I spent three years in school.
I am in some other courses right now coaching courses. I guess what I’m trying to say is I do need accountability and I do need someone to stretch and push me is the coaching certification the place I need to be or is it private coaching.  I am determined to make 20 K a month minimum in 2020!!!
Thank you