6 weeks

I want to do a 6 week offer challenge. I’ll make an offer everyday for 6 weeks. My goal is book 6 consults.

And I’ve decided that if I don’t have 4 additional clients by June 1 (end of the 6 weeks) I’ll have to get a job.

I want to fuel my actions with intentional thought and feelings.

However, I worry that I’m going about this wrong. I wonder am I putting pressure on my business. Is this a silly idea? Should I just go ahead and get a job?

And if the the whole 6 weeks I will have the undercurrent thoughts of “if you don’t get 4 clients, you’ve failed and you’ll have to get a job.” I don’t want to be marketing from that energy.

But I’m also of the mindset of “what’s the harm in inviting people to change their life for 6 weeks in a row and also growing my business.” Also, this will stretch me as a coach to expand and grow into a coach who makes offers and believes in my offer and the value of my coaching.