Am I treading to close to the line between therapy and addiction?

I am an expert in addiction. Not in the psychological, therapist, kind of way. I experienced it for 13 years. Over 5 years ago now, I got sober and transformed my life and just got certified through the Life Coach School. I want to help people who experienced addiction with alcohol or drugs and are high-achievers. I definitely don’t want to coach women who are actively addicted – but post-addiction. People who are recovering and left wondering, well now what? Is this all there is? People who have accomplished a lot but still feel guilty, embarrassed, or ashamed of their past – I want to help them rewrite that story as a position of power, not weakness. I think the feelings, buffering, stop overdrinking, self-confidence, outcome cultivation, and past and future focus are all areas I think would be amazing for this.

So I teach them how to rewrite their story, stop shaming and blaming themselves, and master self-confidence to achieve any goal. Things they might search are – how to set goals? How to get more done? Why do I feel very little after I got sober? Why am I angry all the time? I’m sober, now what do I do? Why do I want to drink all the time? How do I reduce my drinking?

My question is – am I treading to close to the therapy line? Obviously some of their past is going to come up – and the present way of thinking about it is going to continue their thoughts and feelings. Is this a good idea? I don’t want to fall into therapy land – what are some things I should explore or need to think about for a niche like this?