Cash Flow & Profit

HI! I am working through the Entrepreneur program and have a few questions about the Cash Flow & Profit worksheet. In the video Brooke says, decide how much profit you want to make off the revenue and then you will be left with how much you can spend on expenses, totally get this. Also, the idea of assets and liabilities makes sense to me as well. My question is where does an owner’s draw fit in? I am in my 5th month of business, have been breaking even, but did not pay myself (so maybe it’s not really breaking even). It is my goal to earn a living off the business and start paying myself in the 3rd quarter in 2019. It makes sense for owner’s draw to fit into the liabilities, then I thought… I could decide how much I want to earn and take it off the top like profit. Would love some insight on this. Thank you!