Is this a crazy offering?

I’ve struggled in the past with clarity around who I serve and what I have to offer. After a few years now of mostly general life coaching and dedicated focus my business seems to be taking shape. When I started I was a general life coach, which quickly lended itself to speaking to moms of young kids (because that’s who I was). The paying clients I have served have been across the board from a male IT entrepreneur in Bulgaria to a local to me surfing (I surf too) middle aged woman with grown kids and relationship issues as well as clinically diagnosed depression (she also saw a therapist simultaneously)… Flash forward to 2019 when I connected with a coach associate who created and launched a year long program as a Parent coach, I serve as an expert panelist and will continue to through 2022. I was also hired on one single occasion to support a middle aged adoptive mother suffering from SEVERE clinical depression as she “came down” off of a ketamine (under the care of a psychotherapist she was treated with ketamine, a controversial drug for treating severe depression). In 2020 I became a Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach ( I did this in an effort to sort out the mound of debt I had created on my entrepreneurial journey, as well as help others.. win/win!) My clients in 2020, a single woman in a very unhealthy relationship in transition between jobs and trying to pay down debt while balancing her declining mental health (still currently a client! who is also under the care of a therapist). Two 30 something couples with kids under 10 getting out of debt and saving for a home. One couple re-hired me after their initial term of 3 months was up because they felt they really needed the relationship/communication support I was offering (even more so than the financial which they appreciated). Honestly, I think they should additionally be seeing a therapist…. In the last month I was scouted out by my kids pediatric chiropractor (who I love). On her invitation, we flew to Florida together to study business marketing and started talking about how we might be able to join forces. Having the background that I do in Life Coaching and supporting parents as well as having my own children going through her unique process and understanding it on a deeper level. We are joining forces. I will be offering my coaching services as a complementary add on to her services.

ALL of that to say, I’ve been thinking and I have a goal of $100,000 in 2022.
I recently wrote a proposal (wasn’t accepted or denied) for $24,000 for one year of client support for chiropractic patients in her practice.
Now, I’m thinking…. Is it crazy/too complicated to offer:
1:1 Personal Financial Coaching
1:1 Business Financial Coaching
& Group Coaching for the chiropractor’s patients

to 4 “Focus Academy Certified” Chiropractors @ $25,000 a year per chiropractor?

Also, am I crazy thinking this could work or am I even finding my “right ideal client”?

In this scenario my ideal clients would be “Focus Academy Certified” Chiropractors.