Confused on how to manage expectations and run a business

I would like to work with 8 clients in my next group program. I have made 9 offers so far and no one has said yes (a few are thinking about it). My goal is to talk to 50 woman about the program in order to get my 8 clients. (I’ve signed several clients before but not at this current price point so my brain is freaking out a little. I’ve talked to several of my current clients and my friends in the industry and they said my new price is still low for the industry but I’m intentionally overdelivering on the value).

I had my private coaching session today and we talked about managing expectations. My wonderful coach said it may take 100 offers before I get my eight women. I may not hit my goal in this launch. But I wondered about how am I suppose to plan in my business and predict income if I don’t have control? Should I have back up plans for if I don’t hit my eight women? Should I not have a goal at all? Should I have a plan?