Make offers to help

I’m working through the entrepreneurs course and I’m stuck on brainstorming my three irresistible offers for my clients. For some reason I’m lacking inspiration! I’m a dietitian and health coach working on an online membership.

My offer is (this hasn’t been refined yet – but you’ll get the gist)”: “XYZ is a program that blends nutrition education and health coaching for mid-life women who want to get their health on track to feel better in their body. Although it’s a one year holistic program, you can cancel after the first month if it’s not for you.”

Irresistible offer 1: You can cancel anytime – you aren’t locked in for the year.
Irresistible offer 2: Receive lifelong 20% discount on Bioceuticals products and supplements
Irresistible offer 3: ???

Am I on the right track? Any words of inspiration??