Too impossible for where I’m at in my business?

Over the last few days, I’ve been doing my TDs for my impossible goal. And I’m realizing just how impossible it is because I’m getting into overwhelm about how I will get the work done. I don’t know how to make this much money in business without being overwhelmed with the work and time commitment. The IG is 4x my best year. In other words, I’m not sure how to scale my business. I don’t want to work 80 hrs per week, been there done that. I’m very clear that’s not what I want to do. Yet, for me to reach my IG in business revenue, I won’t be able to do the work myself though I’m not at the point where it makes sense for me to financially bring on a big team.

Here’s my models but somehow they don’t totally feel right. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!

C: My business goal for 2020 is 500K
T: I don’t know how to make $500K
F: Overwhelmed
A: Think. Ruminate. Worry, Think about the things that can go wrong when I bring on people to help me which has happened in the past.
R: I stay in overwhelm about my goal

C: My business goal for 2020 is 500K
T: I’m willing to figure this out.
F: Curious
A: Superthink on ideas of how I could make this work, talk with other business owners, meditate, read about scaling, etc.
R: I figure this out one step at a time.