Deciding on my business name

I am working on creating my brand and how I can use social media to promote and market my coaching business so that I can reach as many women as I can for coaching. Below is my model on this and I know the answer is going to be that I get to choose what I want it to be, but darn it, I am still going in circles! UGH
Thank you for your feedback!

C – Name for social media and branding
T – I’m not sure if I want to use my full name or my business name
F – Uncertain
A – Give reasons why I don’t want to use my full name, try to rationalize what would stand out more, spin in this cycle of not knowing what to go with
R – Don’t have a brand

C – Name for social media and branding
T – I am going to pay for domain, logo and other things, so I need to decide and be confident in my decision
F – Decisive
A – Research the potential list of names I have for availability, interview graphic designers
R – I pick a name for my branding