Divide my business into two niches

I am doubtful about what to do. One year and a half ago I created an online school for women where we have one week coaching sessions about how to improve our health and life, how to be more conscious, the benefits of exercise, nutrition, psychology… every month we have a different topic related to women’s emotional and physical wellbeing, and then we have different online fitness classes yoga, pilates, hiit…

This is one part of my professional activity and then I have my private coaching sessions as a health coach, I help women to improve their relationship with food and body and to improve their hormonal symptoms.

The thing is that I have one instagram account where I speak about both things and I don’t know if I should divide the two services or two business models to be more specific and narrow the niche. In this instagram account I speak about the benefits of exercise, about the power of our mind, about health… and my doubt is if I should do two different accounts, one just for the school for women in which I can focus more in the exercise and more general self development and another for my coaching practice with my own name that more specializes in weight and the relationship with food.

Thanks so much for the help.