Emailing My List (After a long break)

Hi there,

I have an email list that I’ve slowly grown and nurtured over the past 6-7 years using 2 different opt-ins. At times my emailing frequency was fairly consistent, but at other times I would maybe send out an email once per month. As it stands now, I haven’t sent an email to my list in about one year, with the exception of the email sequence that gets sent out automatically to new subscribers (although I don’t really promote it anymore). The reason for this is that over the past year I shifted my focus away from my own online nutrition coaching business to work alongside a Medical Doctor and serve as the Nutritionist at her clinic – so I’m essentially providing nutrition coaching to her patients (I’m employed by her). At any rate, I’ve decided that I want to shift back into my own nutrition coaching business full-time. I’m in the process of re-branding/re-positioning slightly, creating a new signature program, as well as a new opt-in.

My question is this: How do I email my list again after being out of touch for a whole year? I understand that people get many emails and subscribe to lots of email lists so there’s a good chance that many people will wonder “who are you?” Then I think there are others who I’m sure would be delighted to hear from me again (or so I think;)) as I used to send out a lot of valuable content.

How do I go about sending out this “first” email? Do I just write as if I was never gone and it’s completely normal that they should be hearing from me after all this time? I kind of feel like it’s tacky to explain my absence and lack of email communication, nor do I really want to (I’m sure no one really cares). My thought was that I could re-engage them by emailing them an offer to get my new “freebie” (opt-in) “I’ve recently created”. On the other hand, I haven’t created the new opt-in yet and I don’t want that to stop me from being able to get new clients right now. I’d like to start emailing out content again (and make offers for my “free-mini session”) to the warm leads already on my list who may be ready to work with me once I start re-engaging again. I’m just getting stuck on what to say in that very first email. Any thoughts?

Thank you!