Fear of having clients

Hi coaches! I am looking for some help with my model.

I do not have paying clients in my business. I have been stuck for over 2 years on this. I really need help with my business that is a jobby. Recently I have been getting some people interested. Like one person a month. And when someone contact me asking what I do, I don’t explain it well because I don’t want the client to buy from me. I redirect my client to someone else, or to Brooke’s podcasts or I talk about scholars because I think I can’t solve their problems. I keep thinking: please don’t show up for the strategy session, please cancel, please don’t buy. I feel so relieved when they disappear. But of course I also feel anguished because I feel powerless over getting clients to pay me. I would appreciate some help on my R line please. Also, how can I coach myself out of this rut? It’s been so long that I’m here that sometimes it feels impossible to for me to really get clients.

My model on this is:
C: Coaching client
T: I can’t solve their problems
F: powerless
A: Push them away, I don’t engage, I don’t explain well, don’t show up on my business
R: I can’t solve my problem of having 0 paying clients (?)

Thank you so much!