Fear of making a big investment

I love investing in coaching however I recently noticed that I want to spend all my earnings in my business on the next coach or program I want to work with. In my mind these “good” purchases feel intentional and important for my business and quality of life, however I want to check in with my overall feelings around money.

I know Brooke talks about HAVING money and the power of loving being the person that has money in the bank without spending it.

I started questioning my own spending habits (not just in my business) and I feel like all my money is spent before it comes in – earmarked for bills, programs, debt, etc.  Thinking about it now, it definitely feels more scarce than abundant, like all my money is spoken for so I better go make more -quick!

I want to feel spacious, grateful, and abundant around my money and spend it from a place of trust and intention.

Of course, coaching will always be in my budget, but I wonder if I’m spending from a type of mental poverty or “not-enoughness” which always leads me to more insufficiency.

My model:
C: Budgeting for a fall investment
T: All my money is earmarked
F: Scarce
A: Avoid looking at my budget, use my credit card, beat myself up for not making more money, hustle, “spend” my money before I make it, obsess over money
R: HAVE less money