Follow up "not talking about my offer"


So I did copy/paste with your answer and answered your questions, changed my model. I am unsure whether my R line is ok.

Amazing curiosity in your exploration here. Isn’t it fascinating what we can learn when we just keep questioning?

Coach : “As you keep peeling back the layers, you can explore the thoughts that are coming up for you.”

My new model :
C: Business Sales Pages
T: They wonder who the hell I think I am making that kind of promise to people
F: Self-doubt
A: I distract myself from the sales pages writing, I go and look at how other coaches are working to try and get more tools to make sure I have everything to keep my promise instead of looking at everything I can already do (I would call it buffer with learning). I freeze and get lost in my head. I start thinking of not so good feeling thoughts. I stop writing. I don’t ask for help.
R: not talking about my offer

Coach : “So what if people wonder who you are? So what if they think that you are talking bollocks and that what you’re saying is just not possible? What are you making it mean about your business if they did think that?”

So then I make it mean that people won’t talk about me in a good way, I will then not benefit word of mouth to help my business grow and to get new clients. And also they will say that I am not a person to go to. They will talk badly about me, accusing me of taking advantage of people’s suffering, of being way too expensive. And they will put all coaches in the same dirtbag because of their opinion about me. So because I am talking bollocks then in their mind all coaches are talking bollocks . And so because of me loads of people will have fear of trying coaching because they will have heard a few angry ones saying very assertively that it’s bullshit (pardon my french but I feel like using that kind of language…)

Coach : “What if you do you know what to do here?”

If I do know then I can just go ahead and do it. I can take action. I can plan action and make sure that I follow my plan. Hello resistance! Yeah, but what if I can’t follow it? What if I don’t follow it?

I’m sure you know how to help me from here!