Getting other coaches working with you.

I’ve had my business for over 10 years, just getting serious about moving to 7 figures. (slow learner 🙂 I have books, courses, live events, masterminds and private coaching. All of these are geared towards my market…. people who want to get paid (or get paid more) to speak. One of the graduates of my course now runs that program for me (awesome). I pay her a % for every member. She “on boards” them, and she does much of the admin work for the course. And also have someone who helps with the mastermind, but they received a deal to participate in exchange for access to the program. Wondering how you structure your co-leaders and how I might expand on mine? There are definitely people circling around me who might want to participate as I expand into a bigger program more similar in style to yours and Corinne’s.