I am a new scholar, I listened for 2 years to the podcast (so I am a bit familiar with the model) before jumping in scholars. I am French, so forgive me for my imperfect english.

I would like your help and feedback on my model.
I am an emerging coach; I have been certified last year but really started working on/in my business full time few months ago.
I used to have another business that was my safety net but with the virus crisis for now this business is stopped.
I have 3 clients right now, and need to book in more clients to be able to live from my coaching business (for background, I live alone, no partner, so I have to pay all the bills by myself)
I understand that I should be creating content everyday and offer value to my followers on instagram and facebook in order to at some point convert them in one to one clients (my main focus now is 1 to 1 coaching) but I don’t do it. I post only 2 times a week (everyday in my stories) My plan to find 1-to 1 clients was to do in person workshops as I want to be also a speaker and it was what was feeling right and excited me but all my in person workshops got cancelled because of the virus.

I did thought downloads every morning since I started scholars this month and I am doing some models, I understand what thoughts are blocking me to not be doing what I say I will do to be visible . ex : there is so much noise right now on SM, I don’t want to add to the noise, what I write must be perfect and impressive to be interesting, I am not organized, I don’t have a schedule, my friends who follow me on instagram will find me ridiculous (I have 2k followers but most are coming form my past life when I was working in nightlife industry or are friends)

My unintentional model is:

C – I cannot live yet from the money I earn with my coaching business
T – I am not doing enough to have a successful business
F – defeated, disappointed with myself
A – I am busy (studying scholars, reading books, watching masterclass, learning more knowledge) but not productive, I don’t do what I said I will do.
R – I am self sabotaging by not doing enough

I would love feedback on this model? and the results should be linked to the thoughts right? Is it good as it is?

my intentional model:

C- I cannot live yet from the money I earn from my coaching biz
T –
F – confident
A – take 2-3 actions per day, be consistent, have a clear plan.
R – I am increasing my possibilities/ opportunities to create new clients.

I am in this model struggling to find the thought and I am not very sure of the rest neither 😉

Would love your feedback!
Thank you!