How do you streamline and KNOW what to teach?

I have so many ideas on what my clients need for their transformation… as a weight loss coach it feels like there are 50 concepts to teach and that they vary and are scattered – formula for weight loss, diet plan, workout plan, weekend eating, motivation, binge eating, all or nothing mindset… I’m asking myself “How do I create a program that outlines step by step what they need for their transformation?” It feels overwhelming all the steps that go into helping someone achieve permanent weight loss given all the concepts I want to coach. I know I can teach it, I already do. But it’s scattered and my thought is “There could be more structure here.” When I try to imagine what that is it becomes overwhelming and now I’ve thought it to death that I don’t want to think about the structure of my program anymore.

I realize my program isn’t scattered and that my thinking about it is. So the what if it’s perfect the way it is then? It’s not though.