Hi, coaches.
I am feeling stuck.
I set an impossible goal of making $100K in my business by March next year.

So far, I have made a total of $14K in my business ( and I started with it this March).
I now have around 3 months left to reach my impossible goal, but I’m feeling stuck and demotivated.
When I write down my morning affirmations that I am a $100K earner, there is now a small voice that says, “No, you’re not.”
I have this new belief that it will never happen.
I tried to ask myself what can I do to reach my $100K goal by March, but my brain just doesn’t want to give solutions.
I recently increased my coaching price to $580 per month and have not sold a package since. I did the math, that even if I sold 10 packages @ 6 months – which I have only ever sold packages at 3 months for $400 per month), I would only make $34K, taking me up to $48K by March. I have such self-doubt that I cannot even sell one package, let alone 10 at that price, yet even if I do miraculously manage to do that – I STILL won’t reach my goal.

I’m feeling SO stuck. I don’t know how to move forward or what to do. Every day I wake up and sit on social media because I don’t know what needs to be done or how I can even start getting clients again at this rate.
Please help!