Impossible Goal

Hello amazing coaching team,
So my two questions about the impossible goal are these. Are we expected to fail at our impossible goal in the first year? and, Is it possible to confuse what I need to earn to make ends meet (if I am underearning and then face, additionally, the loss of maintenance for the boys from their father ) with my impossible goal?
Question 1: failing at impossible goal. Do I think: “If it’s impossible you’ll first fail at it (in the first year)?” Or, “it seems impossible now but what if you achieve it”? So could I set an impossible goal for the year and achieve it? ie it seems impossible now, but can you think of a time let’s say December, when you might have achieved it?
Question 2: I need to earn more money by the end of the year due to change in personal circumstances. Do I make that my impossible goal, even though it comes from a position of need? So say I need to find $30k extra this year do I make that my impossible goal? I would say not because it seems like it’s mixing two thoughts: the first that I have to make up a shortfall and the second that I could set an impossible goal. I have to find that extra money for the family to survive financially. That’s what makes me hesitate to say that it would be an impossible goal. Because to me it’s not impossible it’s imperative. Or rather, it’s not a goal that I’ve chosen for myself, but is a goal that has been forced on my by outside circumstances.
Or, do I ignore “What I need to do” (thought) and go for “What do I want to do?” (better thought, not surrounded by lack). (That sounds and feels better to me.)
Part of my confusion lies in the fact that I am underearning, so is the first step to get out of underearning before I set an impossible goal? And that underearning would accommodate the shortfall that has recently occurred?
I hope I’m making myself clear!
Basically it’s is stopping underearning an impossible goal? (when I see it as a necessity)
And Should an impossible goal be achievable within a year?
Thanks so much,