Letting Go of my Day Job

Hello, my lovely coaches. I am an actor… for the last 10 years, my day job has been as a Massage Therapist (specifically myofascial massage and cupping therapy) However my former-side-hustle-turned-career: Acting, doing voice over, and coaching new VO students is now in the $40K+ range, so massage has almost become the side hustle, and VO (voice over) is my main source of income… and the time has come for me to start planning my exit strategy. Emotionally it is hard because there are many clients that I have been treating for more than 6 years… and these are the feelings and thoughts that I do model work on… then there’s all the business aspects of it. How DO I retire? Once I do…. what do I do with my website, domain, etc? *CAN* I sell my practice to someone? I have no idea.

I don’t know very many other therapists (who are also women) who do what I do, so how do I refer my patients to a new practitioner? (Which is about the only “advice” that is available from industry professionals… TONS of info on how to BECOME a therapist, very little to none on how to stop being one… I guess most people just quit.. or transition into teaching massage continuing education classes? I don’t know)

Any insight you can provide on how to use our lovely SCS protocols to help me wrap my brain around this transition is appreciated. Also… if I wanted to book one on one sessions with a Life Coach School Certified coach who specializes in creative/ performing arts types of business vs. a Life coaching business or weight loss? How/ Who should I book with? Every bio I have seen is like, “My niche is helping Moms lose weight” or “Helping Coaches reach 100K” and I am looking for something kind of different.