Merging niche with existing podcast

Last year I launched a podcast called Beautiful Baggage that has the tagline: Confidence, Wellness and Wisdom Through Travel and Everyday Adventure.
A few months after the launch, I decided to go through LCS certification. Yay!
I don’t want to totally rebrand the podcast, so I’m trying to figure out how to make it work with what I think will be my coaching niche: young and mid-career professionals who identify as shy and/or quiet.
For me, traveling and cultivating an adventurous spirit was one of the ways I learned to embrace my quiet nature and live my dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist, despite my shyness. Is it too “A” line to recommend travel and being adventurous as a way to fast-track my clients’ inner journey? That’s one of my questions. I’m also interested any ideas you might have for merging the niche with the podcast and vice versa. Thanks!