Not creating results in my business

I have been building my business for six months now. I haven’t had very many consults, but I have been showing up daily on my Facebook page and in my group and I know I am a good coach. I found a thought today that I still don’t believe I can coach women on business, which is my niche. I know I am I can coach them, but I don’t think I can get them results because I haven’t got myself results. I also found a thought that I don’t need coaching on business because I can figure it out by myself. Which made me think maybe my consultants are think that. I’m working on the belief scale with I can Help my clients no matter what level they are in business, but I’m still a 4 or 5.
Any advice to move up the belief scale when I don’t have results in my business?
I believe in coaching 100% and until now I’ve always volunteer to be coached on other areas of my life except business. Thank you