Money thoughts

Hi! I am working through the money course (which is fabulous) and have noticed some thoughts crop up. Perhaps the most pernicious is “I don’t know how to create value”. I feel at a loss here! I know its keeping me stuck and I can practicing believing “I know exactly how to create more value”, but I don’t quite believe it yet. I also am having a hard time recognizing the inherent value that I already am giving. Maybe I’m just not allowing myself to receive for it?

Other thoughts include:

“I’m not sure working with me actually helps people/is valuable”
“Nobody wants what I have to offer” or “there’s not enough people out there who want what I have to offer that would allow me to support myself”
“I don’t have the energy to give”
“I haven’t received enough to give”
“Serving is exhausting”
“I don’t know what I can do to make money”
“I don’t know what I love enough that also creates value and serves”

I guess I’m feeling overwhelmed (which is know is a choice…kind of…) by all these thoughts. Value creation feels really challenging!! Any help is welcome.