Newbie Entrepreneur

Hi! I have been working on starting a coaching and consulting business with each day bring fears and vomit so I know I am on my way! Anyway, I want to assure my niche is narrow enough.
Here is what I have to date.
Category – Relationships and Health
The Everyday Nurse Coaching and Consulting for Caregivers.
My target market is working mothers caring for their parents. Or should I use “professional mothers caring for their aging parents”
They would google nurse care manager to find me
My simple solution right now would be….
How to avoid burnout while caring for an elderly parent.
Eventually it will be “How to avoid weight gain while caring for an elderly parent.”
“How to avoid yelling while caring for an elderly parent.”
I will offer nurse case management solutions as well – like “Understanding the difference between Observation and Inpatient Hospital stays.” “Should I place my loved one in a skilled nursing facility or long term care”
These will all be free offers with the pitch of them signing on for either caregiving coaching or case management consulting.

Your thoughts are appreciated!