no consult calls

I am an LCS-certified life coach as of last year. I started my business 9 months ago. I am feeling great about my identity as a coach. I love my offer, and I just can’t wait to start coaching clients. My current paranoia is that I haven’t had any calls in the last 3 months despite taking massive action, posting content regularly with calls-to-action at the end of the post, creating relationships based on value delivered, attending networking events, and doing interviews for podcasts.

C: No consult calls in the last 3 months while taking massive action
T: There must be something wrong with me
F: Awkward
A: Ruminate, buffer on social media and podcasts, focus on me (self-pity) rather than focusing on them, second-guess my decision of starting my coaching business, compare and despair (telling myself that I just want to see how successful coaches are doing it)
R: I am making myself wrong

I know that I am creating my result with my thought but, I am finding it so hard not to believe the evidence right now. I am also starting to feel more pressure as I am burning my savings.
I know that I “just have to change my Thoughts,” and I know that my thoughts are optional and are causing me a result that I don’t want in my life.