Possibility formula – what is the value that I’m giving?

Hey I’m a coach for mums and I’m confused as to exactly the value that I’m giving my clients (I’m fully booked though so obviously I’m resonating with them).

I currently say that ‘I help mums get out of survival mode so that they can thrive and feel alive’

But I’m wondering if something like this might be stronger… ‘I help mums get out of survival mode so that…’

‘life can be easier’
‘you can be your best self’
‘you can stop losing your sh*t, stop feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, stop feeling anxious, stop feeling like you’ve lost yourself and instead you can you can feel better, have more time, more headspace, do what you want to do and be a better parent.

I would really like your advice as the more I try and articulate it the more confused I am getting.

I think that ultimately the value that I give is;

More headspace
More time (especially for themselves)

Which allows my clients to feel better.
And once they feel better they can then cultivate dreams, desires and ambitions.
Be a better parent.
Nourish themselves.