Self Sabotage? How to shift an old model so I’m not afraid of getting clients

I am a coach and I have not transitioned into earning money from it yet – My goal for this year is to be in business as a coach!!

I’m a new scholar and from what I’ve learned so far, I recognized I was running this model:

C – someone asks about coaching with me
T – oh sh*t, I can’t coach, I’m not ready for real clients that pay me
F – scared, nervous, freaked out
A – avoidance – (including things like: ignore it, change the subject, hope they forget, or talk them out of it, etc)
R – no paying clients

Where I am right now: someone surprised me today by asking about coaching and showed genuine interest. I’m feeling myself running the old model – I’m sitting here freaking out and resisting, and leaning towards that old pattern of self sabotage because of the fear.

Is it possible that I could be afraid of getting clients?

I think I may also be struggling with my belief about myself as a coach

I see the pattern – how do I break it? What else might I not be seeing that could be tripping me up?