Social Media Marketing – Showing my face

I am learning to effectively market my Coaching on social media, but I’m hung up on taking pictures of myself. It actually triggers a lot of my negative self-talk. The main thought is along the lines of – “I don’t want to look vain.” Or some variation of me being vain… and I guess a dash of “who do you think you are?” and “my pictures aren’t as pretty” added in with a little “that’s so cheesy.” I guess that is because I do think it is cheesy… lol and I have seen other people post judgments or make negative comments about people posting selfies all of the time…

Since I am a weight loss coach – and pictures of me tend to get more interaction (more interaction means more people see my posts and thus more people exposed to my message) – I want to take photos of me looking good and feeling good and being happy… But this thinking is keeping me from feeling good and thus showing up the way I imagine it in my mind.

I think this is my model:
C – Posting pictures of me on social media
T – People will think I’m vain, or my pictures are not “pretty.” (making it mean I ‘shouldn’t’ post pictures of me on social media.)
F – anxious… needy? – people pleasey – worry
A – I don’t post pictures of myself very often. I also can spin out in confusion because I get hung up on what I think my post should look like vs. what I’m producing. I’m also not promoting myself as much as I would like to, because of a SIMILAR PEOPLE PLEASING MODEL with a thought that about what others will think about me making offers on my posts.
R – I’m avoiding the perception of being vain and not pretty… I’m also being super vain.

How can I look at this differently and let go of my judgments?