Tightening my niche

I’ve been a coach for nine years now. The first 5 I had no business sense and hardly made any money. Then I hired a business coach. Yay! And that made all the difference. She helped me get clear on my niche. I am spiritual career coach, that helps women evolve the work they do by teaching them how to connect with their Soul.

The vast majority of my clients are wellness professionals (or want to be). For example, psychotherapists who still want to do therapy but are feeling restless/stagnant like they’re not fully using their gifts. Many are feeling guided to to bring in spirituality, mindfulness, intuitive practices (reiki, past life work, spiritual guides etc) into their work but have a lot of fears about that. I am awesome at helping with this and have helped many wellness pro’s with this.

So I’m in the process of launching a podcast. Right now the working title is “Soul Studio for Your Career” (this is the also the name of an online coaching program I lead).

My question, “Do I narrow that down even more with a tagline that says something like, for wellness professionals or those who want to be.”

I am feeling resistance to narrowing more. I keep wanting to just leave it at career so any person who is feeling like they want to bring more of their Soul’s gifts into their career will be interested in listening. I guess in the T line I have “narrowing will attract less listeners”. But I keep hearing narrowing is good. I guess I thought I was already narrow enough but maybe not. Thoughts?