25 fails for Q1

Hi fantastic coaches,

My impossible goal this year is to make $50K in my life coaching business.

Can you help me with my 25 fails for the first quarter of the year?

How does this look:

Do a FB live 1x per week and make offers on them 1x per week
Send out an email to my list every week and do a call to action
Post on FB and do an offer for a free consultation every week
Build out first working funnel that leads to mini sessions – track funnel stats
Create an awesome freebie that converts to mini sessions
Take the FB ads course
Do your self-coaching every day
Go on one ‘thought-walk’ per week
Do visualizations 2x per week
Do embodiment 1x per week
Get coached by scholars 1x per week
Sell mini-sessions on my email list 1x per week
Make 100 offers for the quarter
Book 25 consults
Sign 4 clients (make $8K)
Set up a scheduler with accuity
Build an amazing website
Don’t give up, ever
Coach through objections on every single mini-session
Do my pre-and-post consultation evaluations every time and post about them in 2K ask a coach
Raise hand/ volunteer to be coached at least once per month on Brooke’s calls/ SCS calls
Love myself harder after I fail – use my fails as a reason to LOVE myself MORE and MORE and unconditionally
Go on a ‘stop beating myself up’ diet – don’t beat myself up, ever
Stick to my calendar, baring extreme life or death emergencies
Go on a “I don’t have enough time” diet for good – I have the perfect amount of time for me