Like so many people I have a pattern of being more accountable to someone else than to myself.

I recognize there’s a real downside to this. Obligations to others regularly trump my personal priorities. A classic example for me is that I’ll finish up work for a client vs exercise or spend time with my family.

I know there’s a people pleasing element that I’ve made a lot of progress on.

The part that remains is confusing because it seems to stem from compassion. If I opt to prioritize a client instead of exercise, I’m forgiving. I don’t beat myself up. And that should be a good thing right? But I don’t experience any immediate consequence.

Whereas if I were to let a client down I’d feel responsible, disappointed in myself because I didn’t deliver.

I don’t think the answer is to beat myself up when I don’t follow through on a commitment to myself. But this thought pattern has me always put others first. Love your insight!