Exception Meals

I’ve mastered saying no to my husband’s requests to order food every night. I now have my planned meals always. I did the exception meals with tedious powerful worksheet. I got lot of resistance from my husband when I tried to plan our weekend meal 24 hours in advance. I planned it for me and he wouldn’t want to eat in those places and that led to bad fights. So I dropped planning my one weekend exception meal. I decided to follow no flour no sugar during those weekend family outings. I stopped having flour and sugar all together. Later my brain suggested I need to have flour and sugar as exception meals. So I decided to have flour and sugar on these exception days. Unfortunately, I could never plan it as my husband won’t comply and I noticed that I give myself full permission to eat whatever I want. My question is how can I have my exception meal with flour and sugar which is planned in advance without the drama that my brain creates around my husband.